Guisados – Echo Park

DSC_0252 guisado sign

DSC_0249 guisado shrimp


DSC_0246 guisado taco


DSC_0247 guisado taco onion


DSC_0248 guisado taco mole


DSC_0245 guisado outdoor seating


DSC_0243 guisado guests


DSC_0239 guisado horchata candle


Great non-traditional tacos.  We loved this tacos at the Echo Park location.  Great patio.  LOVED the horchata, although we did see the table next to us bring a six pack of beer in a brown paper bag, so I assume this is ok.

We had the opportunity to talk to the owner who said this food is the kind he grew up on.  His mom would cook bubbling pots of mole and other sauces, make fresh tortilla and when he’d run into the house he’d grab a tortilla and dig into the pot.  These tacos are more “saucy” than I’m used to, but we both loved the unique and layered flavors of the tacos.  I especially liked the shrimp and fish tacos…actually not a bad one in the bunch.  I highly recommend.  – Kelli

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