Hollywood Forever + Pulp Fiction = Good Times in LA


Teri’s Take

Kelli and I got to experience one of the most quintessential Los Angeles experiences ever.  Let me set the scene.   While watching a movie that is set in Los Angeles, (the Quentin Tarantino opus,  Pulp Fiction), at the fabled Hollywood cemetery where screen legends like Rudolph Valentino and Tyrone Power are buried,  we ate, drank and danced with fellow revelers. Pure entertainment heaven.

One of the most fun features at Cinespia series of films is the photo booth.  Movie goers get to pose in a movie inspired back drop.  For Pulp Fiction it was a fabulous Jack Rabbit Slim checkerboard.  I felt like Uma for a moment darlings.  Here is a our group trying to dance like Travolta and while failing miserably, having fun doing it.


For more photo booth pics (and it’s worth a peek as this was an amazing looking crowd) go to http://cinespia.org/gallery/pulp-fiction-photobooth/

For more info and the Summer 2013 Calendar of Movies visit http://cinespia.org/


Kelli’s Take

 A Hollywood Forever Cemetery movie on an LA summer night should be on your list of summer fun. Yes, I just said cemetery and fun in the same sentence.  Bring along your favorite people a picnic and anything else you can imagine to make yourself at home in the among the tomb stones.  We brought lots of great food and drink and enjoyed the perfect “no weather” (or bugs…we have lots of those in the mid-west)  Great people watching, relaxing and oh yea, there’s a film.  This was not my favorite film, but no problem, I watched with one eye open.  I seriously don’t get “dark humor”.  I know, I’m weird.  Princess Bride is next in line (already sold out) so there are a variety of films on deck.  Go on-line and get tickets now for an upcoming event.

I can’t wait to go again.  LOVED this experience.  If you ever get a chance to make it to this event….you must….you must.

A few pics for your viewing enjoyment.




DSC_0030 top view food pulp fiction

_MG_2423 _MG_2427 _MG_2429 _MG_2432 _MG_2442_MG_2454 _MG_2460 _MG_2461 _MG_2463


DSC_0056 Mick Jagger


DSC_0038 (1) girls @PulpFiction

DSC_0037 Blue Moon bottle PF





DSC_0027 Ralph Pulp Fiction



DSC_0033 David and Steve Rog PF



DSC_0032 crowd PF


DSC_0031 people photo taking PF

980312_4782797090564_1706507071_o chris and Jose

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