Best Taco Right Smack in the Middle of LA (I Think!)

Yummy chicken taco!

Yummy chicken taco!

First of all, I don’t know the name of this place!  I know it’s crazy to post about “The Best Taco in LA” and not have a name attached.   Even after an exhaustive Google search, I still came up with nothing. No website, no Yelp reviews..NOTHING!  I can tell you this though. It’s worth the effort to get there.   So, here is what I do know.  It’s between the Grand Central Market and Discount Citi.  The address is 327 Broadway. (Thanks again to Google street view!).

Its a no name storefront with a bright turquose painted building.  Lots of signs advertising “cactel de camaron” and “tostada de ceviche”.

So, the story goes like this.  We headed over to Grand Central Market in search of some good Mexican food, however the entire place was pretty much shut down at 5:00PM on a Saturday night.  Being Downtown LA, I kind of understood.  DTLA is like no other downtown anywhere.  It looks and smells like a big city, but there are hardly any people, very few cars and it’s kind of quiet.  Especially on a weekend.  It’s like a movie set, which is fitting since this is the land of movie magic.

Anyway, we headed out on to Broadway and wandered in the this place.  I kid you not it was like I was walking into a restaurant in the middle of Mexico City.  Lined with tables, filled with local families, there was a DJ playing Mariachi music and singing live.  The three big screen TV’s were blaring the Dodger game and two soccer games.  It was loud and lively!  We ordered a chicken taco, chips and guacamole, enchilada, rice and beans and just for the hell of it…chili cheese fries!  OMG my stomach is still suffering.  But, all that food was $14.00!!  Wow!

The chicken taco was fabulous!  The chicken was spicy and moist.  Lots of cilantro, a side of radish and limes made it even more tantalizing.  We basically sat there for a good hour, watching the games, while being serenaded in Spanish.  It was bliss.  Next time I go…and I will go again…I promise to get the name of the place.  For now, it’s called, Mi Pedacito de Cielo en el Centro de la Ciudad de Los Angeles or My Little Slice of Heaven in Downtown Los Angeles.

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