Our Love Affair With Romancing the Bean – Burbank

DSC_0113 Romancing the bean awningDSC_0117 Romancing the Bean HoursDSC_0127 (1) romancing the bean candleDSC_0143 Romancing the Bean dogDSC_0138 Romancing the Bean treatsDSC_0145 romancing the bean window

DSC_0125 rtb menu


DSC_0133 rtb quiche

DSC_0123 rtb chandelier 2DSC_0118 rtb just jansDSC_0116 rtb specialsDSC_0114 rtb umbrellasRomancing the Bean966c0f42188711e28c231231381418fb_6 ab4ece68188711e2bbe622000a1c8847_6 c9b8e618188711e2af6f22000a1e882d_6


the kitchen

the kitchen


candles for sale

candles for sale



the back of a chair

the back of a chair


the lovely owner, Carrie

the lovely owner, Kerry


grilled veggie panini

grilled veggie panini


DSC_0155 pop tart

Teri’s Take

One lovely afternoon I was driving through my neighborhood in Magnolia Park and something caught my eye.  Something I knew would be life altering.  Something I had been waiting on for as long as I can remember.   A cute, hip, delicious new restaurant in Burbank!  That’s right, Romancing the Bean was in the final stages of opening up shop when I drove past and made a dangerous u-turn (something you don’t like to do with the Burbank PD lurking at every corner).  I stopped right outside of the new store front and felt a wave of happiness and love come over me!  Coffee.  Good non corporate coffee within walking distance of my house.   All was well in my world.

Okay, so I exagerrate a bit, but seriously I was thrilled when I discovered that Romancing the Bean was back!  Originally the shop had been in a tiny space down the street, then in Glendale (where I lost track of it) and now it was situated in the trendy Magnolia Park district.

When the official opening came about, I was there.  I knew I had a home away from home.  Decorated in the most fabulous black, white, French shabby chic style, there were lots of places to sit, lounge and take in the great scene.  You can imagine how thrilled I was when I actually ate some of the incredible food.  Wow.   The owner, Kerry Krull is a professionally trained chef and her creations are fresh, unique and delectable.  A foodie lovers dream come true.  The quiche, the sandwiches, the salads, the breakfasts?  All superb quality.  The pastries are mouthwatering, the service is good, the coffee tastes delicious and the bathroom is adorable!  All attributes. that are important to a restaraunt junkie like myself.

Of course there is only so much to say about a place, so my recommendation is…go.  Just go.  Experience Romancing the Bean and you too can have a life altering moment of happiness.

Kelli’s Take

In Minneapolis there is truly a coffee shop on every street corner.  When we first moved to town my hunt was on for “my spot” the kind of place they know you usually order an Americano with “room”

I think my husband and I were a couple of the first customers when Romancing the Bean opened their doors.  We had a pot of french press and a homemade pop tart.  Sold.  Next time I moved to the kale and brussels sprout salad with toasted almonds, pecorino and lemon vinaigrette.  You get the idea.  Nothing cookie cutter here.  The food is fresh; you feel welcome.  A great place to gather with friends or go solo and sit at the bar.  I’ve met interesting people from the neighborhood and also gotten to know the hard working owner Kerry and one of her amazing employees, Amy, who remembers my name and brightens up everyone’s day.

After sitting at the communal table for a meeting with my friend Jan of “Just Jan’s” Fruit Spreads, Kerry graciously offered to carry Jan’s products on her shelf and serve the raspberry spread in their famous PB & J sandwich.

You will love this charming oasis on Magnolia Boulevard, just as we do.

P.S. Try the quiche.

Romancing The Bean 

3414 W. Magnolia Blvd Burbank, CA 91505

Just Jan’s Jams

Magnolia Park 


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