Sneak Peek Tujunga Village

DSC_0025-001-Tujunga-AveA couple of weeks ago Kelli and I decided to profile the Studio City enclave of Tujunga Village. I had  been going off and on to the quaint little neighborhood for years, but it was brand new to Kelli.  We headed over, parked on a side street and started our journey, gaping at the lovely homes in the surrounding area.

The first shop we walked into we LOVED!  Same with the second, third and fourth.  Our ambitious plan of reporting on all the great establishments in one fell swoop was a bit overwhelming because at each stop, we realized we had stumbled upon an amazing business that deserved it’s very own post.

Actually visiting Tujunga Village was a game changer.  We needed a new plan for our posts.

And so, over the next few months we will be interspersing some of the fabulous places we found in Tujunga Village, along with our other LA discoveries!  We are very excited about this and hope you will be too!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the things we will be featuring here at Layers Los Angeles!  Enjoy for now and come back soon and see which one will be first!

_MG_2793DSC_0003-001 scens



DSC_0022-001 Tujunga plates


DSC_0028-001 Hoity Toity


Suck it


DSC_0034-001 Stained Glass


DSC_0024-001 Aroma


DSC_0029-001 Cat sweater

_MG_2867 _MG_2870 _MG_2872


_MG_2887 _MG_2745 _MG_2743 _MG_2897 _MG_2896

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