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_MG_3632 turquoise chairs

DSC_0403 succulents

 Kelli’s Take

Have you driven past “Potted” on Los Feliz in Atwater?  Honestly I had never noticed it, but then again, I’m new here.  Teri is the one who said, “we have to go to that garden store for sure”.  It wasn’t on my radar.   I’m here to tell you,  it’s time to STOP, park and spend some time in this fun and ultra-inspirational shop. It will stir your creative juices for your own outdoor space.  Inviting  rich colors, re-purposed unique containers, and designer objects of interest.  Pottted owners have designed their own creations as well to make this shop a one of a kind treasure in this hot spot of creativity in LA called Atwater Village.

This was one of our last stops in our Atwater adventure, but we wanted to share it with you right away.  In LA,  our outdoor spaces are a big part of our entire living area.  Right now my space is gray and boring.  How fun to find a source to enliven our home.  LOVE the atmosphere in this shop. It’s filled with succulents, (my new favorite plant that I can’t kill) and tons of interesting containers to plant them in.  Take them home or plant them right there at the “Potting Bar”  Pretty sure it’s just dirt, no martinis.

We talked to one of the shop owners and it turns out she has a Minnesota connection!  Ok, that always makes for a fast friend.  The owners Mary and Annette have operated in this space for about nine years.  The existing building was an old pottery store.  They transformed this space into a layered artistic wonderland.  So much to take in, you have to hang out for a while to see everything including the very cool jewelry and clothing.  I’m sure I missed a lot and can’t wait to go back!

Teri’s Take

Walking into Potted in Atwater Village is like walking into a fairy tale land where colorful gnomes peek out behind soothing giant fountains and flying orbs hang from the ceilings.  It’s a place where whimsy and style meet to produce a magical place.

Okay, I know I’m sounding a little freaky here, but truly, Potted is a special place and like Kelli said, there is so much to see and take in, it requires a few visits!  I must have made the rounds from outdoor to indoor about three times and each time I spotted something new to admire.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really did enjoy all the vintage toy trucks repurposed as pots for succulents.  What an inspirational idea!  I loved the grass filled house address numbers and the cool atomic style chairs.  And did I mention the gnomes?  See what happens?  It’s just so much fabulous in one small space!

I have a major city crush on Atwater Village.  Is it possible to have a crush on a place?  Either way, I am in LOVE with the whole neighborhood and Potted is a perfect example of why.  The owners were wonderful and welcoming.  The prices were really reasonable and the atmosphere is enchanting.  Next time I go, I am definitely planning on pulling a stool up to the Potting Bar and digging in.

Potted Online Store

Potted :Indoor Style for Outdoor Living Located at

3158 Los Feliz Blvd

Los Angeles, Ca 90039

2 thoughts on “Potted – Atwater Village

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  2. Russell Leong

    Potted is a marvel. It’s what I call open-ended design, by this I mean the plants, pots, furnishings and home accessories inspire you to repurpose and recycle with a fresh eye toward living ecologically. Design can be a positive political force of Nature! If “all the worlds’s a stage” why not restage your life with elements from Potted?

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