Scenes From the LA Train

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Teri’s Take

Being a native Angeleno, the idea of public transportation has always been a bit exotic to me. My first subway ride actually occurred in New York City, but about ten years ago, I gave the LA system a try.  It really is a great alternative when going to a show at Nokia in downtown or to Hollywood and Highland.  My goal is to one day take it all the way to LAX and get on a plane to NYC where I would then take the train in to Manhattan!  Big goals…big goals!

Anyway, Kelli and I started our trek the other day at the The North Hollywood station.  All of the stops have great works of art and the trains themselves are really clean and tidy.  It took us 28 minutes to get from North Hollywood to Grand Ave.  Trust me when I tell you a car ride would have taken longer and don’t even get me started on trying to find parking.

All, in all it was a pleasant way to get around town and it didn’t involve the 405.  You can’t go wrong.

Kelli’s Take

I thought I heard there was a subway in LA, but I just stored that information away because somehow I wondered how and why they built it here in earthquake territory.  The next time it came to mind was when I was visiting Denver and there was a big full color feature on the LA subway in their newspaper!  The article highlighted all of the beautiful art in this unlikely venue.  This piqued my interest.  Art tours are even offered free of charge with no reservations the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday of every month by trained Metro Art Docent Council volunteers.

My first subway ride happened just a few months ago in NYC.  I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to get around the city and being underground didn’t bother me too much.   After I got over the fact that I was going to go underground in LA, I enjoyed the ride.  It was CLEAN and people were friendly.  Someone helped me with the ticket machine and yet another offered to get me through the gate on her pass.  Each station was unique in it’s design and as Teri said it was a fast way to Downtown LA with no parking issue.   Did I say the fare is really reasonable too.  Give it a try.

LA Metro

More information on the Metro



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