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DSC_0304 Sew LA window

DSC_0303 fabrics and dress

DSC_0306 fabrics and yellow tote


*Super helpful friendly staff

*Super helpful friendly staff

DSC_0308 uplook fabric

DSC_0314 sew LA worker

DSC_0324 bright fabric

DSC_0305 sewLA couch 2

DSC_0325 Yellow Roses

 Kelli’s Take

The fabric!!!  Doesn’t it just make you happy.  This colorful shop in Atwater Village not only stocks quality fun print fabrics and patterns, they also offer classes to teach you to sew.  This is their brick and mortar store front for their extensive on-line store.  In this fun space you may take classes in clothing construction, alterations, and even some home decor projects and beginning quilting.

When you walk in this sunlight filled space you can’t help but get your creative juices flowing even if you don’t sew.  Some how it made me feel like sewing some curtains for my kitchen even though I can’t even thread a needle!  We loved talking to the super fun consultant in the shop that day (*Pictured).  She shared her passion and encouraged us to make ourselves comfortable and look around.  My only sewing experience was in the 8th grade in Miss Seam’s class (real name).  We had to sew a wrap around skirt.  Everyone the same project.  Mine was denim with red stitching.  Boy was I proud.  I got an “A” .  the only problem was that it fell apart when I washed it.  My only “sewing” since then has been hemming up my pants with duct tape and the occasional attaching of a button.

I found some “dress kits” with everything in it to make a vintage looking dress.  I think the fabric was even pre-cut. (don’t quote me on that).  The staff at Sew LA won’t sew the clothes for you (darn), but they will TEACH you to sew and create beautiful creations for you home.  Check the schedule of classes they offer.  I think they are quite reasonable too.

P.S. Teri, I didn’t know you owned a sewing machine.  Let’s do this!  Hey readers, look through the fabric pictures and tell me which fabric I should pick for my kitchen curtains!

Teri’s Take

Back in the day at John Muir Junior High School, girls had two choices for an elective.  Cooking and sewing.  I know this sounds archaic and it was!  I, being the small time rebel I was remember complaining to the counselor that I didn’t want to learn how to sew or cook.  I wanted to take Drafting or Print Shop.  But alas, my grievances fell on deaf ears until a few years later when a law came into effect pronouncing the whole thing sexist.  Ya think?

Anyway, I just had a resentment about sewing for years after that.  Plus, I couldn’t figure out the sewing machine on my own.  In my late twenties I tried to sew some drapes and it was not pretty.

I haven’t given up and in fact I still own a sewing machine.  Just don’t ask me how to work it.  After visiting Sew LA in Atwater, I’m really getting the fever.  I think I could actually learn how to sew in the beautiful and fun atmosphere of this store.  No nasty Home Economics teachers with helmet hair and blue eyeshadow.  Nope!  Not a one…and I checked.  The women who own the shop and the consultants are friendly, helpful and they are good at what they do.

The fabric is mostly vintage inspired without the vintage itchy, non breathing, stretching quality.  It’s fun, it’s timeless and the clothes made from these fabrics are adorable.

I’m seriously considering a class after the New Year.  I want to make some drapes, that don’t look like an animal without opposing thumbs made them.  The classes allow you to bring in your own sewing machine.  The staff suggests you come in a few minutes early just to get a quick lesson on your own machine.  They also supply machines if you don’t have one.  It’s just a great idea and a really nice way to spend a couple of Saturday afternoons.

I’m looking forward to it!

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