Griffith Park Hike

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The Titons - Burbank is on the other side.

The Titons – Burbank is on the other side.


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 Teri’s Take

This is arguably one of the best hikes in Los Angeles.  From the top of the summit one can see

1. Downtown Los Angeles

2. Hollywood/Hollywood Sign

3. Griffith Park Obsevatory

4. The Pacific Ocean (on a clear day)

5. Catalina

6. The San Fernando Valley

7. Westwood

8. Century City

It’s truly the Empire State Building of the west.  You can see the entire, sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles from this one spot.

To get there, you need your good tennis shoes, water and some stamina.  It’s a tough trek at first, but half way to the top it’s a more meandering kind of stroll with a wide pathway where horses, park ranger trucks, bikes and pedestrians all share their way to the top.

Most of my family is from Los Angeles, so I don’t get a lot of visitors, but if I did, this is the very first place I would take them.  It truly encapsulates all that is good with this city.  It’s outdoorsy, it’s healthy, t, it’s breathtaking and it’s glamourous.  C’mon!  Where else would you come across a movie shoot in process with the Hollywood sign in the background!  Only in LA.

So grab your sneakers, make a day out of it, bring the dogs (lots of people do) and go to the top of the top of the best city in the world.


 Kelli’s Take

This was my first time hiking in Griffith Park.  I’ve driven through, taken the kids to Travel Town, the pony rides and the carousel, but never done the famous hike. The first part of the hike was  was a bit tough and narrow, but after that the paths opened up to be much wider the views were so INCREDIBLE.  Young and old passed us as they were hiking down, and I though if they could do it, so could I.  The hike had outstanding views on every turn and plateau.  I would say “Teri, I have to stop and get this shot”.  She’d reply, “just turn around, it’s even better behind you”.  I wish we would have had a pedometer on us.  We walked for hours. We only got lost a couple of times.

We met friendly people all along the way.  I tend to talk to people, don’t worry you can keep to yourself of course.  The trio we met first were  “new”.  I asked “How new?”  Just two weeks new to LA.  All from New York and happy to be discovering their new city.

Dante’s View was stop on the trek along the Mount Hollywood Hiking Trail  Beautiful plantings and places to sit and eat a picnic.  I knew there must be a story behind this oasis on the trail.  It’s named after park lover Dante Orgoloni.  Check out the story here.  Very inspiring.  I’ll appreciate it more on my next visit.

Keep going along this trail and you will reach the the summit which gives you a 360 degree view of the city of Los Angeles.  There are even hitching posts for horses at the top.  We didn’t see any horses on our afternoon walk, just evidence of them being there earlier.  Like Teri said, this could be our “Empire State Building” view.  This hike is a must for new Angelenos as well natives.

 On the way down we weren’t sure we took the right trail.  With the Hollywood sign as our guide we figured our way out.  You know you’re in LA when you happen upon a film crew in the middle of the wilderness! That’s right, I said wilderness.  How cool is that.  Nature in the middle of the big city.  New York City’s Central Park has nothing on us.

 It was a beautiful hike I want to take over and over again.

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