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World famous Malibu Pier Sign


Malibu Farm @ the Pier

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DSC_0142 Surfrider beach parking

DSC_0155 People on a bench in Malibu

DSC_0156 The pier

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DSC_0189 fishing poles

DSC_0163 Malibu Beach Supply

DSC_0173 red bike

DSC_0168 Beachy Cream

DSC_0171 pier bathroom

DSC_0187 Malibu shop

DSC_0193 under the pier

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California Girls

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Kelli’s Take

In all of my visits to LA I had never been on the Malibu Pier.  I had no clue what was out there if anything.  I do think it is ever changing, but now I know what’s out there.  First of all, during the week, it’s super peaceful.  Only a few fisherman, a few lovers and a couple of adventurers.  If you want a nice restroom that’s not a nasty beach side one go to the end of the pier.  Right now there is a fabulous gift shop full of surfer and LA books, artwork and T-shirts.  My daughter tagged along on our journey and discovered Beachy Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches. (worth the trip to the end of the pier right there).

After some research, it’s no wonder I didn’t spend time on the pier when I lived here back in the 80’s.  In 1980 the State of California bought the battered pier.  In 1997 the city of Malibu acquired the pier with the provision they refurbish the storm damaged pier and maintain it. The funds were just not there, so it reverted back to the state.  Many businesses have come and gone.

This structure is 103 years old.  It’s been the site of tv shows, movies (Beach Blanket Bingo with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, for one), a private dock and also used for sport fishing.  It’s struggled with keeping thriving restaurants.  When we were out enjoying the view I felt it cried out for a good seafood or burger shack (I guess that’s been done) but I say try again.  Make a great burger, or the best fish and chips.  “Build it and they will come” right?

This makes me sad.  “The pier no one wanted”.  It’s really a historical treasure.  I think it’s wonderful now.  Let’s create a buzz.  The bottom line, it’s a beautiful location.  It should be thriving.

Did we talk about the view?  Blue, “MaliBLUE”.  On a clear day you can see down the coast to Palos Verdes (I think) Lots of surfers and blue as far as the eye can see.  Now if we can just score a drink and a bite to eat.  Wait!!  I just read “Teri’s Take” .  We need to go back right away.  Malibu Farm Pier Cafe looks fabulous AND Farm Dinners.  This is one of the things we had in Minnesota I was looking for here.  Very cool. I say, just go.  Go support support this beautiful place!!  Take a look at some of the pictures.

 Teri’s Take

Malibu Pier and more specifically Surfrider Beach (or as the locals call it First Point), have been kind of a second home to me over the years.  You see folks…I have a son who surfs.  Surfing is more than a sport.  It is a way of life.  In fact the unofficial slogan of Malibu is, quite fittingly, “Malibu-A Way of Life”.  Nothing in this little berg epitomizes this more than the pier and the famous surf spot that sits just to the north of it.

Malibu is an odd beach community.  There is really no walk streets like Venice or Huntington or Ventura.  There is Pacific Coast Highway.  It’s a highway, so there is only running across or driving fast on it.  Which is why the pier is cool.  It’s one of the few places in Malibu where you can walk and see the ocean.  It is open to everyone.  Movie stars and regular people.  Old, young, families, singles. fishermen, surfers, paddle boarders.   It’s all here at the Pier.

Kelli is correct in her assesement that there has been lots of attempts and failures regarding a good diner on the pier.  Personally I think, I’ve tried them all and have never been wowed.  My son told me the Malibu Farm Market is actually really good and all locally grown.  Too bad it was closed the day we went.  We will definitely have to take another trip to try them as I love their concept, not to mention the view~.  The interesting thing was that all the restaraunts on the pier were closed the day we went.   As you can see from the pics it was a beautiful day. Still warm and sunny.  Why something wasn’t open, is a mystery, but honestly that’s kind of the charm of Malibu.  It walks to the beat of it’s own drum so to speak.  Plus, if the surf is good…you just never know what will be open!

My adivce is to go buy a delicious lunch at one of the yummy restaurants at Malibu Country Mart.  Yes, they are a bit expensive, but it is Malibu.  To assuage your guilt for buying a $15.00 salad, park in the Country Mart parking lot so you don’t have to pay the $8.00 beach parking fee across PCH. Walk over the bridge to the pier.  Sit on one of the benches overlooking the waves and just breath in The Bu.  It’s the quienessential LA/California experience.  It’s the kind of thing I think of when people in other states wonder why I would live in this crazy mixed up city.  Too many people, too much traffic, yada yada yada.  It’s when I’m on the Malibu Pier that I think..’yeah…this is why’.

Malibu, CA – Official Website

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