Scentsabilities – Tujunga Village

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Teri’s Take

Scentsabilities was another great little discovery Kelli and I made during our excursion through Tujunga Village in Studio City.  We meandered into the store and for me the smell was exquisite!  It instantly reminded me of visiting a high end spa, where I was going to be pampered, massaged and luffad all afternoon, (is luffa a word?…not sure, but here is what I mean). The music was soothing and the ‘scents’ took me to a very relaxing, soothing place.

And then there were the visual delights.  The owner, Yosha greeted us and before we knew it we had been drawn in by her charm, friendliness and zest for her shop.

Yosha is a little bit rock-n-roll, a little zen, a little bit classic babe.  She proudly showed us her beautiful line of jewelry, art, fragrances, soaps, Mick Jagger t-shirts and Buddhas, to name a few.   By the time it was time to leave, I didn’t want to leave!  She carries a lot of local and sustainable items along with things imported from all over the planet.     Scentsabilities is a perfect little store to find a great gift for YOURSELF!  Who cares about everyone else?  The place makes you want to indulge and be good to yourself.  You can’t beat that!

Kelli’s Take

I love this little village for the same reason Yosha, the owner of nearly 20 years loves it.  It’s a true neighborhood.  The people who frequent this shop are loyal and for a good reason.  Everything in the shop is so very unique and it’s so easy to find an interesting gift for people on your list or yourself.  I LOVED the dresses.  They are locally made and come in all sizes with one of a kind jewelry to set it off.  Did I mention the purses?  At every turn we caught ourselves oooohing and ahhhhing.

I get the name.  Scentsabilities.  The shop is filled with fragrances, sparkles and artful pieces to enliven all of your senses.  We lingered for a long time not only because we kept discovering new things, but also because of our wonderful conversation with the owner.  Her passion for what she does shines throughout the shop.  Another wonderful find in the Tujunga Village neighborhood.  It’s so worth the trip to shop and have lunch or coffee in these creative fun shops.  Christmas shopping season is just around the corner.  If you want to avoid the malls, head to Studio City.

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