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Teri’s Take

NoHo gets a bad rap sometimes.   Okay, so it’s not SoHo, WestHo or even Silverlake, and that is why I like it.  It’s cool, but not too cool.  It’s also really close to where I live and I have enjoyed watching the transformation of this little pocket of North Hollywood over the years.  What used to be a generic neighborhood with little charm and not much in the way of business so to speak, has been transformed into a hub of hip!  Yes, I said hip.  Did I mention delicious and adorable too?  Anchored by the Art Institute the strip encompassing Magnolia and Lankershim has metamorphosed into an arts district, complete with art school, shops, restaurants, live theaters and a Laemmle.

One of the original shops is Kathy’s Vintage on Magnolia.  This place has been in the neighborhood for twenty years.  Yes, before it was cool!  The reason for the long term success is not only the beautifully curated clothing, shoes and accessories, but the sheer force of personality of the co-owners, Kathy and Ernestine.

These two women welcome you to their store and after a few minutes shooting the breeze with them,  you just want to pull up a chair and talk story.  But, don’t let that stop you from looking through their beautiful selection of vintage.  The shoes are enough to keep me day dreaming for the rest of the decade.  They also offer lovely jewelry, hats, belts, coats and a really big selection of menswear.

The day Kelli and I visited Kathy’s Vintage, we had the very ambitious plan of going on a NoHo adventure and featuring a number of establishments of the neighborhood.  We didn’t get very far however because we both fell in love with Kathy and Ernestine and had to tear ourselves away to go grab a bite to eat and make an attempt to TRY and go some other places.  (We did and we will post in the very near future, so stay tuned!)

After a quick lunch at EAT, we decided to just go with our new girl crushes and feature Kathy’s Vintage on the blog.

The pics don’t do the place justice and unfortunately the girls wouldn’t let us take their picture even though they were both lovely and adorable.  Something to remember myself when I don’t want a pic taken.  We are always harder on ourselves.  Yes, we talked feminism, vintage clothes, social mores and Hollywood memorabilia for a good hour and a half before finally tearing ourselves away.  Next time, I need to buy something!

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 Kelli’s Take

So far I had only driven THROUGH North Hollywood, never stopped.  The initial press I had gotten hadn’t been good, but I would always drive slowly down Magnolia Boulevard, wondering what treasure might be there. I had heard about the Republic of Pie and thought that would be my first stop.  Well, it turned out to be our second stop more about that later.

 With our love of vintage everything, we couldn’t resist the fun and fabulous Kathy’s Vintage shop.  Interesting warm and friendly people are usually at the heart of any endeavor that is worthwhile.  Kathy and Ernestine put their heart and soul into this tiny shop bursting with interesting treasures for purchase and stories to go with the unique clothing and jewelry.  They had me at the vintage ORANGE phone (love that color).  One of the pictures below is a glass case of baubles and colorful jewelry.  How can you choose?  From cowboy boots to disco balls, so much to take in.  Go when you have time to treasure hunt and of course stay for great conversation.

 So don’t just drive down Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood.  Park.  Get out and stroll.  There are good things to eat, fun shops to peruse, and PIE, but that’s another post.

DSC_0189 kathy's sign

DSC_0124 kathy's window

DSC_0125 kathy's window 2

DSC_0126 kathy's window 3

DSC_0129 window with dress

DSC_0130 vintage sign

DSC_0131 man a quin

DSC_0133 man a  quin 2

DSC_0134 disco ball

DSC_0135 me in mirror boots

 DSC_0136 woman with hat frame

DSC_0140 orange phone

DSC_0141 jewelry case


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