Don Zarape Mexican Restaurant #2

After a three week stay in Minnesota, I found myself desperate for tacos, REAL tacos.  Minnesota is wonderful, but so sorry to say lacking in abundance of good authentic tacos.

If you find yourself in North Hollywood and you only have a few bucks in your pocket, Don Zarape Mexican Restaurant #2 (across the street from the famous Circus Liquor) is for you.  I’m not sure about the rest of the menu, but I got a tall glass of ice water, chips and salsa and two excellent tacos all for $2.72.  How can you beat that?

DSC_0118 circus liquor

DSC_0115 zarape tacos 2

DSC_0111 zarape grill

DSC_0112 pancakes plate

DSC_0113 zarape reflection

DSC_0117 zarape guest check

Don Zarape Mexican Restaurant #2 (Not sure where #1 is)

10932 Burbank Blvd.  North Hollywood, CA 91001  (818)762-7768

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