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Nothing brings back nostalgic  memories of my southern California childhood as much as a drive-in movie.  Growing up back in the day, I loved going with my parents to the Pickwick in Burbank and watching a movie from the back of a pick up truck.

Sadly, drive in theaters have officially gone the way of a rotary phone and vinyl records, but like those two icons of mid-century gadgetry, the drive in theater is making a come back of sorts.

Watching a movie outdoors has been going on in Hollywood for a while.  Layers LA has been to the grand daddy of them all, at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and although it is a must do, bucket list experience, it can be a little stressful.  The lines, the people, the jockeying for position.  So, if you want a more laid back, but just as fun time, you might want to check out Electric Dusk Drive In.

We got there early…our experience from Hollywood Forever nudged us.  We were one of the first groups there!  We picked our spot on the green outdoor carpet and set up shop.   We had a lazy dinner, took some pics and then waited for Marlon Brando to do his most Method Acting thing!  Seeing a movie like Streetcar Named Desire on a huge screen is really the only way to do it.

The crowd was relaxed and a lot of people had their pups with them.  Food was served at a little outdoor stand, there was trivia questions and games.  Electric Dusk runs a tight ship and we really enjoyed our night at the movies.

Another unique aspect of Electric Dusk, is the year round movie showings!  Since Los Angeles weather is consistent…aka, (fair and sunny), you can actually watch Friday the 13th a few days before Halloween or the Bill Murray classic Scrooged outside on December 6th.  Just in time to feel that holiday spirit!  Let’s face it, no one in Minneapolis (no offense to Kelli!!!), is watching Bill Murray outside in zero degree temps in December.  Only in LA!

Note to Kelli…I really want to see Fast Times at Ridgemont High, September 20th.  It would be “awesome…totally awesome!”.

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DSC_0041 electric dusk screen and skyline

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DSC_0022 (1) electric dusk plaid grill

DSC_0031 electric dusk menu

DSC_0033 electric dusk snack bar


DSC_0036 electric dusk our group

DSC_0044 electric dusk sangria

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DSC_0052 electric dusk food

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Outdoor movie venues seem to be popping up all over the city.  What better thing to do on a summer night.  Pack up some food and drink, blankets, chairs and cozy up with friends and family.  If you don’t feel like packing up your own picnic, take advantage of the concession stand they offer… burgers, hot dogs and more.  What’s cool about Electric Dusk Drive-in is that it doesn’t end when the summer nights slip away, they show movies all year long!  I also loved that it was a true urban experience.  We sat in a parking lot in the middle of the garment district sipping on sangria waiting for Marlon Brando to show us how hot he was as a young actor.  I’d never seen “Street Car Named Desire” It was fun to see this classic movie under the stars.  “Stella”!

Years ago when we lived in LA, I used to work Downtown.  It was a place I would go to work and then get OUT.  Now, I see the city as a destination.  There are layers of history, good food and so much to discover.  Stay tuned as Teri and I uncover more adventures IN the city.

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