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DSC_0146 republic of pie sign

DSC_0184-001 no ho sign

DSC_0147 strawberry tarts

DSC_0150 jam and cheese danish


DSC_0152 republic of pie EYE

DSC_0159 pecan pie



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DSC_0153-001 republic of pie window

DSC_0174 biker noho

  Kelli’s Take

Who doesn’t like pie?  The minute I walked into this laid back palace of pies with big comfy couches I felt like it was a slice of Minneapolis/St. Paul, not as much LA.   I felt at home in this artsy space right away and then the pie hooked me more.

I’ve been back a few times already in a quest to try more flavors of the flaky crusted pie.  The crust is a sure test to classify if a pie is worthy of a star ranking.  The Republic of Pie gets a star. Baked  fresh 7 days a week, both sweet and savory.

 The best part of the experience is the people.   You’ll feel comfortable no matter who you are.  The evening atmosphere is different from the day.  Live music at night. Families to divas, students to ladies who lunch and everything in between.  All are welcome, and you’ll see it all.  Be sure to check out the people Teri snapped pictures of. Take in a movie at the Laemmle or get a drink at The Federal Bar, but you’ll want to get a great cup of Handsome Coffee or is it Sumptown, hmmm… and a piece of pie at the Republic of Pie.  Ok, sorry in advance for this pun.  Republic of Pie…more than meets the (P) eye.

Teri’s Take

Republic of Pie is more than just pie, although there is nothing wrong with being only about pie.  Pie is life if you asked me.  But ROP is about community.  It’s about creativity, gathering and engaging.  Oh, and the food is fabulous!  The pie is one of a variety of delicious desserts.  The day Kelli and I visited, the chef, Mario came out and served us his pecan pie.  Can I just say….BEST PECAN PIE EVER!  The presentation was perfection and Mario was all apart of that.

You can see by the pictures, the place is full of comfy and cozy places to curl up with a coffee and a computer.  There is also live music, comedy nights, poetry readings and classic TV.

Situated in the gentrified NoHo district it sits a few doors down from The Art Institute, so the crowd is very eclectic, old school North Hollywood,  art students, families and people like Kelli and I who just adore a nice eatery.

So, pull up a sofa, after you order or peak into the bakery that is on site and watch the chefs do their thing, and settle in.  Republic of Pie is all about people…oh and the pie._MG_5931 _MG_5932 _MG_5935 _MG_5938 _MG_5943 _MG_5947 _MG_5948

_MG_5962 _MG_5949 _MG_5951

_MG_5950 _MG_5957 _MG_5961


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