Best Taco North of LA Pepe’s Oxnard

Pepe’s is the best kind of Mexican restaurant. A small stand that has been there forever and is really only known  to the locals on Silverstrand Beach in Oxnard.
Silverstrand is the last of an old school type of California beach.  Its not cool, it’s not hip. Its not filled with tourists hoping to buy over priced junk (take note Venice).
There is just a vast, clean uncrowded beach with one of the best surf breaks on the planet. And then there is Pepe’s.  To be honest, I have never had a taco at this place.  Since the late 70’s when I first started coming here, I have always ordered a bean and cheese burrito.
Lucky for me and in the interest of Layers Los  Angeles research in finding the best taco, I finally had something  different. A carne asada taco and for good measure, I brought along Daughter #2 to assist. She had a shrimp taco.
I have to admit, the shrimp taco was excellent. Perhaps access to fresh seafood is the reason, that I found the shrimp to be tastier than the carne asada, which was a little chewy. All in all though, the Pepe’s experience is worth a trip up north. just don’t come during Christmas.  I learned the hard way that they close up shop for a few weeks to celebrate the holidays in Mexico. Even though the tacos were delicious, I think I’ll stick with my burritos. Great taco or amazing burrito? It’s really  such an “LA” problem! I’ll take it.
Of course Pep’s has no website, so here is there Yelp listing and info.

Pepe’s Mexican Food on YELP

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Shrimp Taco

Shrimp Taco


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