Mulholland Fountain & Aqueduct Centennial Garden-Los Feliz

Teri’s Take

The story of water in Los Angeles is a long, messy and wild ride.  Most historians agree it started with a certain William J. Mulholland.  I’ll spare the history lesson, but a good tip is to watch Chinatown starring Jack Nicholson.

Anyway, Mulholland besides being a major road in Los Angeles that slices through the Santa Monica mountains, was a man and capitalist extraordinaire.  There are a lot of homages to him through town, but this one has always been a favorite.

After undergoing major renovations it is now open to the public.  It’s surrounded by a xeriscape garden with indigenous California shrubs and plants.  A path meanders around the faded brass color with blue strips alongside the gravel symbolizes the aqueduct and how we have water in a desert.  (for now….the drought is causing all sorts of problems.)

This is a lovely place to sit and have a picnic.  There is shade and I even stuck my feet in the water.  Hey!  It was HOT!
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DSC_0004 fountain with rose


DSC_0012 fountain 3

DSC_0011 (1) close up fountain 2

DSC_0010 close up fountain


DSC_0020 Teri in fountain

DSC_0026 filming at foutain

of course someone was filming here.  This is LA.

DSC_0035 circle fountain in back

DSC_0036 story of mulholland

DSC_0039 (1) teri and circle

DSC_0043 there it is take it

DSC_0047 (1) succulents


DSC_0053  teri on path

DSC_0051 vector

DSC_0055 LA worker Louis

 Kelli’s Take

This pretty aqua colored fountain at the gateway to Griffith Park and Los Feliz is much more than meets the eye.  I’ve been wanting to park, get out of the car and check it out up close.  What I didn’t know, was how much Los Angeles history I would learn from this landmark and the man it was designed to honor.  The symbolic gardens with succulents and meandering path are beautiful.  Then there are the plaques and signs memorializing William Mulholland, the name I’ve become familar with since moving to LA, but I honestly did not know his claim to fame until now.  I guess if it were not for him, Los Angeles would be a sleepy little desert town, (with not many swimming pools).  Maybe most of you Angelenos know Mr. Mulholland, the superintendent of the LA department of Water and Power, was responsible for overseeing the completion of the LA Aqueduct carrying water from the Owens Valley.  223 miles of water flowing from Sierra Nevada.

Sorry, Teri was sparing you the history lesson, but I was clueless and had to look it up.  When you see these words etched in rock “Here It Is, So Take It” I had to find out more.  Read this great article from the LA Times if you want to know the good, bad and the ugly of why were are able to live and thrive in this magical city.  I for one am grateful, but I see it’s not a neat and tidy story.

The two LADWP workers you see pictured at the end of our photos also gave me a lesson on our water supply.  Very proud Angelenos who live and work in the city were warm and friendly gave me the scoop on what they were doing. I’ll say it again, people here are so nice if you take a moment to talk and listen to their stories.

Now, I’ve got to go and get a big drink of water and pray for rain.

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