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 Teri’s Take

I have been in a growing love affair with Atwater Village for a few years now ever since I trudged over to the Bikram Yoga on Glendale Blvd.   After the torturous, but oddly thrilling experience of practicing yoga in a 100 degree room, I would often roam around the neighborhood,  and through glazed eyes and light head, inspect all the cute little shops and restaurants scattered on the street.

Kelli and I have featured a few of them, both HERE and HERE, but this latest shop we wandered into located two doors down from Silverlake Yoga, has completely cemented my adoration of Atwater.  I seriously want to live here and hang out with the co-owner of Treehaus, Michelle.  Besides. meeting her only proved the old cliche, ‘it’s a small world’ and Los Angeles can sometimes feel like a small town, if you explore the layers!  I’ll let Kelli tell that story though.

The shop itself is a great concept.  Local artists, artisans, designers and crafts people are featured.  There is a little something for everyone in this cool, modernist feeling environment.  Michelle called many of the items BoHo, a mix of bohemian and modern.  It’s a perfect mixtures of childrens’ toys and clothes, home goods, delicious candles, gorgeous women’s attire and adorable illustrations.  If you need a special, unique gift, this is your place.  Prices were surprisingly fair, considering the quality of the items.

I will definitely be back during the holidays.  Oh, and it’s time to test myself to see if I can still do the hot yoga.  It’s my barometer of health, so I need to check in and then do some shopping.

DSC_0277 funeral services

This business, which has been here forever… moved spaces to make way for Treehaus.

DSC_0058 treehaus sign



DSC_0059 treehaus door



_MG_6395 _MG_6393

_MG_6397 _MG_6389


DSC_0067 tire swing


DSC_0065 Teri taking pic


DSC_0064 (1) counter

DSC_0062 broad view of shop

DSC_0063 succulent planters


Kelli’s Take

This visit to our favorite Atwater Village was a real  treat.  After easily finding a parking spot between the acclaimed Canele restaurant and the store front I remembered as being the Los Angeles Funeral Services, we discovered a big change to the neighborhood.  The funeral services store front, relocated to the back of the building, making way for local artists in the new Treehaus.

After asking the proprietor, Michelle, about the switch we were captivated by all of the art and creative merchandise.  So many fun and super cool items from clothing and shoes to cards and home furnishings.  We asked permission to take photos, I gave Michelle our card and explained our story of how we came to do this blog as a Midwestern transplant and a native Angeleno discovering LA layer by layer.  She naturally asked where in the midwest I was from, I said Minnepolis, she said, “I’m from St. Paul!”… instant connection.  As our conversation went on we found out we both went to the same small liberal arts college in the tiny town of St. Peter Minnesota and we both have our hearts in two places. Small world within this big city.   Michelle’s husband is originally from CA, spent time growing up in MN, then moved his family to LA.  He enjoys success as a working actor.  I’m sure you’ve seen him in many TV shows and movies.

Michelle’s business partner, Saralynne,  first  sold locally made wares out of a bus they named “Green Jeannine”.  Saralynne wasn’t in that day, but I’m sure she’s just as warm, welcoming and super creative as Michelle.  They do a great job of connecting local artists with the public.  We notice the juxtaposition of the rustic with the modern in the shop…exactly what they are going for here.

Treehaus Fashion Art Design Home

3229b Glendale Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90039

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