Thrift Alley – “Much More than Meets the Eye”

DSC_0144 Thrift Alley sign

DSC_0133 Teri Pink cowboy hat

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  Teri’s Take

I come from a long line of thrifters, pickers and down right hoarders.  I have many childhood memories of traveling to garage and church rummage sales with my mom.  In the 80’s I discovered vintage clothing on Melrose in Hollywood.  This gives away my ancient age as now shopping for vintage clothes on Melrose in Hollywood takes a black Amex.  Back then, it only took $10 and a vision.

Anyway, I am always on the look out for a good thrift store.  I have graduated from clothing to furnishings for my business. Nothing makes me happier than finding a treasure amongst the video tapes and old shoes.

Thrift Alley is one of those stores that is filled with treasures.  It’s impossible not to walk out with something you didn’t realize you need.  (see the pic of my marble owl I purchased for 50 cents!!).

The clothes, housewares, books and furniture are beautifully displayed and everything is fresh and clean. You don’t feel you have to sterilize your hands when you leave!  Ironically the store is situated in an amazing vintage building in Glendale that used to be a mortuary!  Yeah.  I know.

The architecture is so beautiful, it’s worth a visit just to see the lovely brick and stone archways, stained glassed windows and ornate entry doors.  Take a look at the pictures and be inspired.

You’ll also be inspired by the organization that runs Thrift Alley.  We took a tour of the facilities and I was so impressed by the work this group does.  Ensuring needy children will have back to school clothes was just one of the many philanthropic projects undertaken by the hard-working volunteers of Assistance League of Glendale.

Right now, the Halloween costumes are inspiring and remember it’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping.  I guarantee you will find something amazing here.  Not only that, but your purchase goes to a very good and legitimate organization and that’s the greatest gift of all.

DSC_0140 thrift alley OPEN flag

   Kelli’s Take

Teri and I both LOVE “thrifting”.  The Assistance League of Glendale Thrift Alley is a wonderful place to find fabulous treasures and support a charity that gives directly to the community.

Every time I go into the Thrift Alley, I find something I can’t live without.  I have a passion for vintage pyrex and fun mid-century artifacts.  Books, books, books!  They have an entire wall of great books, magazines and cookbooks.  The Assistance League volunteers work really hard to make this shop inviting and fun to shop in.  As thrift stores go, it’s neat as a pin.

We were fortunate to get a private tour of the stately building the thrift store is housed in.  It’s a former mortuary!  The Assistance League makes full use of this gorgeous historic building by holding their meetings, social gatherings and housing their “Operation School Bell” project which clothes school children in need in the Glendale school district.  The kids are also given backpacks, toiletries.  As a special touch the kids also get to pick a book of their choice provided by the Assisteens, the (youth group sponsored by the Assistance League).

When you shop you help support kids in Glendale directly.  We found out they do a fun program in the schools called Authors and Illustrators bringing children’s book authors and illustrators directly into the classroom to inspire and encourage school children in literacy.  They also sponsor  SAT prep seminars to children in financial need.  The list of their support to the community goes on, but now you can understand how you can have fun shopping at the Thrift Alley and know your money is used well and goes directly to the community.

  DSC_0110 out of the window


DSC_0068 outdoor arch


DSC_0089 indoor stained glass


DSC_0066-EFFECTS outdoor stained glass


DSC_0067 stained glass and gate


DSC_0064 (1) assistance league gate


DSC_0069 assistance league door

DSC_0109 assistance league common area 2

DSC_0075 windows

DSC_0078 courtyard windows

DSC_0082 assistance league common area

DSC_0073 painted ceiling

DSC_0087 interior stained glass and ceiling

DSC_0081 painted ceiling chandelier

DSC_0088 assistance league flag

DSC_0114 operation school bell

DSC_0121 uniforms

DSC_0122 thank you mirror 2

DSC_0118 thank you

DSC_0126 book give away

DSC_0143 Assistance League hours

DSC_0054 thrift alley shorts

DSC_0138 thrift alley clothes

DSC_0053 sale chalk board


DSC_0016 (1) thrify alley crystal


DSC_0051 thrift alley chickens

DSC_0046 thrift alley halloween


DSC_0028 thrift alley wigs


DSC_0035 thrift alley costumes


DSC_0030 thrift alley customer 2

Thrift Alley customer modeling a vintage hat.

DSC_0043 thrift alley wide shot


DSC_0018 thrift alley woman's pants

DSC_0025 thrift alley books

DSC_0026 thrift alley books 2

DSC_0045 thrift alley china

DSC_0034 (1) thrift alley auction

Follow Assistance League of Glendale on Facebook to stay current on Silent Auction items and Thrift Alley news.

DSC_0038 (1) thrift alley statues


DSC_0037 thrift alley last supper

DSC_0033 thrift alley crystal 3

DSC_0049 thrift alley wreath

DSC_0044 thrift alley workers


DSC_0111 follies

The Assistance League is always welcoming new members.  Find out more about this wonderful volunteer opportunity in an area near you.

Donations to the thrift store are accepted during business hours.

Log on to for information about making a cash

donation, or send a check payable to the Assistance League of

Glendale to 314 E. Harvard St., Glendale, CA 91205-1019.

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