Best Taco in LA-Alameda Liquor

Alameda Liquor in Burbank isn’t just about liquor.  It’s about food.  Inside this little strip mall liquor store you will be amazed.  They have a huge wine selection, cigars and ‘the coldest beer in town’!  They also have  amazing sandwiches they make fresh in the little deli.  Usually I drop by and pick up a few to go, but today I thought why not try the tacos for research?

I also had a bunch of pillows and blankets and stuff to launder so I ordered my two chicken tacos, went next door to the laundromat and had lunch to the hums of professional grade dryers.  As a side note, Alameda Laundry is such a nice clean laundromat, I almost wanted to stay longer…no actually I didn’t, but it’s a very nice little laundromat if you’re in need of one.

Anyway, back to my tacos.  They were pretty good.  They only had two types to choose from.  Beef or chicken, so I went with chicken.  Although not the most flavorful chicken, the pico de gallo sauce helped with that.  They’re very fresh and filling though and only $1.99 each.  That and my stand by Diet Coke got me lunch for only $5.00, however I recommend skipping the tacos and doing your laundry with the sub sandwich.  Then, go next door and select some beer from the beer cave.  Yes, beer cave.  I know…how awesome can you get?



BEFORE Pico de Gallo





AFTER Pico de Gallo



Also happen to run into these two.  The babe loved watching the dryers.  Better than cartoons!!!  And by babe, I mean Rhyder.  😉

20141121_123409 20141121_123427


Alameda Liquor

929 S. Victory Blvd

Burbank, CA 91502

Call 818-842-1377

Fax Orders 818-842-8087

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