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Sometimes you just have to get out of “Dodge”.  David and I took the opportunity to see one of our favorite bands play at “Pappy and Harriet’s” road house in Pioneertown, CA.  just a couple of hours outside of Los Angeles.  The draw was the ultra talented JD McPherson (Listen here) and their opening band, The Cactus Blossoms (from NE Minneapolis) playing in this intimate setting.  We headed east toward Palm Springs on the 210 freeway ending up in Yucca Valley.  The land of the Joshua Tree, almost another planet.

Pappy and Harriet’s itself could be enough for a visit.  It feels like John Wayne himself will ride up on horseback and greet you.

Pappy and Harriets


DSC_0208 pappy's horses


DSC_0213 cactus


DSC_0217 Pappy's door


20141102_220235 jd

Our love for this music started back in Minneapolis listening to them on The Current.  One of our first LA concerts, was hearing the band perform at the Troubador last fall.  Each of these guys is such a talent on their own, and together they blow you away.

20141102_224659 Cactus Blossoms

20141102_230018 Pappy's sign at night

DSC_0224 air bnb

Since it’s a 2 hour drive from LA, we decided to stay overnight.  We found an Airbnb listing for a great price. The view alone was worth every penny.  Four Stars.  Oh, and the star gazing was incredible.  Evening cocktails on the patio and french press coffee in the morning (bring your own coffee).  Down the hill in the little town of Yucca Valley they do have a funky coffee shop Cafe Ma Rouge with organic fare if you don’t want to brew your own.

DSC_0227 air bnb backyard

DSC_0233 coffee

DSC_0240 cactus

DSC_0243 joshua tree

DSC_0245 No Tresspassing

DSC_0271 joshua tree visitor center

Desert hiking had never been high on my “to do” list, but  we were only miles from Joshua Tree National Park, so we had to check it out.  It’s GORGEOUS and something everyone should take advantage of in So. CA.  Just fifteen dollars to park and a full day of trails and vistas.  Trails are for all levels, and rock faces for expert climbers as well.  I’m not a camper, but the campsites were inviting, especially in this cool Fall weather.

DSC_0274 car into the park

DSC_0275 Hidden Valley Trail


DSC_0276 joshua tree park

DSC_0291 rock climbing


DSC_0289 knarly tree in joshua tree

You know how we love authentic tacos.  We found Algoberto’s on the main drag in Yucca Valley and brought them back to our house to eat with a view.  I’m a cheap date.  Just add tequilla and stars.  Best $14 meal you’ll ever have.

IMG_20100826_135656 algobertos tacos


12124869895_1af338cbe1_z menu


On our way out of town we checked out a few thrift stores and this fun antique store in search of our favorite mid-century modern treasures.

DSC_0003 antique shop

DSC_0002 (1) coffee house

DSC_0015 Moutains


DSC_0024 (1) Woody


DSC_0019 vw bus ca freeway

DSC_0018 LA freeway

The drive is easy (if you go post rush hour) and the painted hills and snow capped mountains along the way so beautiful.  Proof positive you can get out of town, experience a totally different atmosphere on a dime.  GO.


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