Plancha Venice


I just liked this google screen shot of the front of Plancha! HI!


Talapia taco and carne asada taco. YUM

This place could easily be a tourist trap. With a location a couple blocks from the Venice boardwalk, it could make a killing selling bland Mexican food to the hordes of tourists hungry for anything after a day of people watching at the beach.

But, Plancha is not that. Their tag line is ‘Plancha- a taco joint’ and it is just that.  A delicious fresh Mexican spot with an amazing taco.  We sampled two. A plain cane asada  and a talapia fish taco.  Both were amazing!  The talapia was seasoned to perfection.

The prices are not bad for Venice, home to the $5 million beach houses that used to be crack houses in the 70’s!  The fish taco was $3.50 which is double the price of the taco in North Hollywood, but you can’t eat your taco and look at the Pacific Ocean in North Hollywood, so there’s that.

All in all, it’s a great pit stop after a day in Venice.

Plancha: A Taco Joint

Venice Beach 

2024 Pacific Avenue
Venice CA 90291

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