Best Taco in LA-Andy’s North Hollywood

Yum.Yes, I know.  The name Andy’s doesn’t conjure up delicious Mexican food.  More like generic PB&J’s or something, but Andy’s in NoHo is surprisingly good.

Situated in a weird little spot, don’t let the funky parking deter you.  I actually rode my bike here the other day and ordered the fish taco combo.

It was super fresh and yummy.  I highly recommend Andy’s and for $4.99 for taco, rice and beans, you can’t beat it.   This location, as I said is lacking in good fung shui and it’s been numerous restaurants.  Please give them a chance and support this little family owned Mexican joint.  You’ll be glad you did!.



Andy’s North Hollywood…you can order online. Follow the link.

5342 Vineland Ave

North Hollywood, CA

818) 853-7191


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