Discovering Oxnard – A New Home


DSC_0134 oxnard sand

Teri’s Take

I have lived, worked, married, raised children, divorced and found love a second time around all within the county of Los Angeles.  I am an original Valley Girl, but I have always dreamed of living by the beach.

Since I was a teenager I have been venturing up to the Ventura county beach of Silverstrand in Oxnard.  (Here is the Urban Dictionary description of Silverstrand, which is pretty darn accurate.)  

Back in the 70’s my parents bought a little house for practically nothing and over the years I spent many happy weekends there.

Fast forward three and a half decades and I finally made it.

 I am here

I am at the ocean


We are a few beaches up from my beloved Silverstrand at a beach called Oxnard Shores.  I am sixteen houses from the ocean.  SIXTEEN!  One of the first things I did when I moved was count!

I wake up to the sounds of the waves and in the evenings I sit on my little upstairs patio and watch what seems to be the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

Until the next one!

Since our move earlier this year, I have been discovering Oxnard.  Now, Oxnard is not known for its thriving cultural hipster like scene.  Thank GOD!

It’s a working class, largely Latino, mixed with military and surfer kind of vibe.  Where else can you get this strange, yet perfectly in sync mix?

It’s a given the Mexican food here is beyond compare, but I have discovered so many great little hole in the walls, serving everything from breakfasts to pastrami to sushi to fish and chips that beat just about anything in Los Angeles.

One of my favorites is Henri’s.  In fact when, Kelli and Dave came up to visit me for the day, I knew this was one of the places I needed to take them.


Henri’s  caught my eye while driving because of the mid-century modern structure and of course, the font!

The inside is even more classic.


And then there is the Rudder Room.

Quite possibly the best dive bar on the planet.   (Besides Chez Jay!).   We are planning a post on the Rudder Room alone because it’s quite worthy of it.

After a day of seeing the sights of Oxnard and Ventura, Ralph and I knew we needed to take Kelli and Dave here.

Located in Hollywood Beach, here is a shot right outside the bar where you can pull up a cheap plastic Adirondack chair and have a drink and look at the view.

DSC_0101 rudder room

DSC_0119 DSC_0108

We had a lovely time, hanging out on the sand with our boys!

11692728_10153614262114994_4595891108890002343_n DSC_0137 DSC_0144


The inside is home to the grumpiest bartenders around, yet they serve a mean vodka tonic for cheap.  Remember, cash only though….they get ornery if you hand them a credit card.


DSC_0125 the rudder room

Back in my hood, called Oxnard Shores, most of the streets have walk paths behind the houses that take you directly to the ocean.


There are also lots of really cool older A-frame houses, along with typical beach shacks, modern and Spanish styles.  It’s a great mix.


20150407_084323 img_20150407_212308 img_20150407_212159 beach-walk-path-1

All in all, it’s been the most amazing transition in my life.  I wake up to this,


And end my day with this.  I have found my heaven.20150320_190616


Kelli’s Take

Ok, I’m really happy for Teri, how could I not be?  We’ll still do our adventures, just not as many together.  She helped me transition to my new home of Los Angeles, the place I have so much more to explore.  I love Oxnard too.  We used to vacation here from Minnesota in the summers.  We rented a beach house.  Better prices than surrounding beaches and you basically have a big beautiful beach to yourself (best kept secret)  Now I get to explore Oxnard too.  It’s really not that far from LA.  In our first trip up there, Teri took us on the incredible thrift store circuit and to the best “dive bar” in town.  It’s ON the beach, another well kept secret.  Teri has a guest room she says is open to me, so I guess it’s all going to be ok.  After all she has this great studio to use her creativity (hoping it rubs off on me!)

DSC_0089 Teri's studio

Teri can make a space so visually interesting with homey comfort wherever she goes.  She has my blessing to live happily ever after in Oxnard, but she’s stuck with me to continue to discover what is cool in LA and “just beyond LA”.

DSC_0090 looking down oxnard

Los Angeles to Oxnard, 61.5 miles.  No distance is too far between friends.  We’re starting a Layers Los Angeles podcast and of course the adventures will continue.

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