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Since it’s summer, I guess it’s fitting that Kelli and I are taking lots of mini trips outside of Los Angeles.  Recently Kelli visited the gorgeous beach city of south of LA, Laguna.  This week, I visited the gorgeous beach city NORTH of LA, Carpenteria!

Carpenteria is actually pretty close to where I currently live now in Oxnard.  It’s a short treck nestled between Ventura and Santa Barbara.  We drove up on a sunny Saturday afternoon with a goal of just checking out Island Brewery, which we heard was really great with a huge selection of craft beers.  We were not disappointed!

The place was crowded, but beer-tenders were quick and friendly.  We grabbed two seats at the bar and asked for a sampler.  Delicious richly flavored variety of tasty beer was bestowed upon us pretty quick.



The brewery is located directly next to the train tracks, which only adds to its charm.


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After our beer-fest, we decided to do a little window shopping.  Of course we wandered into a great thrift store called the Laughing Buddha, a place where treasures and antiques are reincarnated.

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11837224_10153686406289994_476637170_o (1)Next stop was an amazing antique store called Whimsy Antiques. It was a kaleidoscope of color, texture and just plain cool stuff.  We walked out with a cool mid-century modern ceramic lamp/vase.
11847294_10153686457274994_1473928831_o 11840429_10153686456534994_1215996299_o 11852957_10153686456614994_339577745_o 11873107_10153686456684994_1121795644_o 11871842_10153686456364994_2057549477_o 11865191_10153686456204994_544754940_o 11862960_10153686456019994_1671025087_o 11852947_10153686455454994_883916025_o 11852924_10153686455944994_836680384_o 11840450_10153686455819994_263884320_oAfter the hard work of shopping, we decided a margarita was in order.  Lucky for us there was a great little Mexican spot the happily served us a great one, but also some delicious nachos!

Senor Frog’s Mexican Food11840138_10153686478799994_1722756587_o 11871807_10153686458704994_684797981_o 11852949_10153686458934994_185508719_o 11836964_10153688163509994_1895686381_oFull and sleepy from tequila and salsa we headed back to the car.  I snapped some pics from a long the way.

We will definitely be back.  11847775_10153686394864994_1524602129_o 11863118_10153686421604994_1428615916_o (1)11847785_10153686421209994_130833443_o11267227_10153686392714994_680014844_o

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