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Teri’s Take

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From my Yelp review in 2008

Imagine going to Italy and walking around a little village in Tuscany.  You’re starved and it’s horribly hot outside.  You walk into a small cafe/market on a  cobble stoned street with a cozy seating area and the smell of fresh garlic wafting through the air.
Now imagine the owners and staff of this little place are a beautiful, friendly, gourmet cooking Italian family who whisk you inside, sit you down and feed  you the most incredible food and top it off with a glass of of delicious red wine that they highly recommend.
This is the Blue Table.  Only, it’s not in Italy, it’s in Calabasas in a mini mall.  Yes, you have to forget that you are in Calabasas, and that the loathsome Kim Kardashian and her equally regrettable family have their inane reality show set in the over priced dress shop next door, but if you can just pretend you’re in Italy, once you’re inside and once Stefano and Gina whip up one of the pizzas, all your cares will be behind you and you’ll be transported to another time and place.  At least for your lunch hour.”

A few things have changed since that review.  The Blue Table patriarch Jim Marcione sadly passed away in 2012.  Gina and Stefano divorced, (yet still managed to own and operate Blue Table in Calabasas and a newer bigger store in Agoura.)  One good thing: the Kardashian’s are no where near Blue Table anymore!

It’s still Calabasas however and after our lunch Kelli and I sat in the small tables outside the restaurant and watched the Most Entertaining Parking Lot in LA.  When you have a small lot, a bunch of Type A personalities with late-model luxury cars, hilarity and honking ensues!

I have and always will have a special love and affection for the entire Marcione clan.  I wrote about it a few years ago upon Jim’s passing. 

But enough about that and more about the food.  The food is simply the best in Los Angeles.  There.  I said it.  Now, I know I could be biased as practically everyone in my family has worked at Blue Table at one point, (myself included…although my short stint was less than successful…Sorry Gina for spilling the entire giant platter thirty minutes before the engagement party.).  Anyway, my kids have all worked at Blue Table, my daughter Caitlin worked her way through college.  In fact the Marcione  family so welcomed Caitlin as a part of the family, they took her on a three week trip to Italy!!

Currently my son-in-law Sebestien is managing the Agoura store.  So, one might ask, how can I be unbiased about this place?

I can’t, but that doesn’t mean the food isn’t the best in Los Angeles.  Did I mention that?

Kelli and I had the Ellen Special, which is so amazing, unique and filling, one must order it on their first time here. OH, and there is a cheese closet.  A CHEESE CLOSET PEOPLE!!

After a nice meal, it’s always a good idea to stroll over to Little Blue, owned and operated by another one of the Fabulous Marcione family, Angela.  Daughter to Jim and Ellen and sister to Gina, Angela is also an amazing chef, however lucky for us she focused on this beautifully curated, delightful gift store.

If you need a gift for anyone in your life….this is the place.  The unique quality of all the items is what sets it apart.  Got a baby shower coming?  Try the hedgehog onesie.  A wedding?  The wood and marble cutting board.  Angela also carries carefully crafted jewelry, candles that smell so good they make your mouth water, books, art…oh you name it.  There is something for everyone.

All in all a day in Calabasas. even in double-digit weather, is worth it if it’s spent at the Blues.

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DSC_0155 the Ellen special DSC_0159 desserts DSC_0152 blue table cold case

DSC_0151 cheese closet

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Kelli’s Take

The western suburb of Calabasas is not unlike the Minneapolis suburb of Edina where I came from.  Ever since I moved to LA, Teri has wanted to take me to her old stomping grounds in Calabasas and her very favorite Blue Table and Little Blue gourmet shops.  They didn’t disappoint.

While sitting at THE actual blue table at The Blue Table eating my “Ellen’s Special” the panini with turkey, ham, goat cheese and garlic aioli and the super yummy touch of fig spread.  I’d achieved the goal.  She was right!  What a unique unpretentious little nook in this area of over the top quintessential LA.  Not to say that all around us were neon colored yoga outfitted bleached blond gorgeous women stepping out of Mercedes  No matter, we enjoyed our time lunching, catching up and people watching of course.

It is evident that quality ingredients are everything and unique well thought out gifts and treasures are the main event in both the cafe/market and gift shop. The people in this part of the city are lucky to have this family here catering deliciousness to this community.  Even if you don’t live nearby, go out of your way and stop in.  The quaint old town of Calabasas is nearby for more exploring.

P.S. I’ve got to go back soon.  There’s a necklace I saw at Little Blue that I can’t stop thinking about.  That means you should for sure buy it, right?


Blue Table

4774 Park Granada

Calabasas. CA


Little Blue

4774 Park Granada

Calabasas, CA

2 thoughts on “Blue Table and Little Blue Calabasas

  1. Jean Ponek

    Also want to mention our local Burbank girl Jan, of “Just Jan’s” who makes the fig spread For the Ellen Special which offers the unique and delicious flavor to the panini. Jan herself has taken me in and treated me to this fantastic sandwich. Be sure to visit Blue Table and purchase the fig spread that is always in stock.

    1. terio Post author

      Hi Jean! Teri here First off I’m so glad to know you’re reading the blog!! Welcome and come visit us often! Second, you are very correct about Jan’s Jams I have been a fan of the Ellen Special forever, even before Jan’s fig spread!! Blue Table and Little Blue have so many great products for sale, thanks for pointing this one out, what a great friend you are! Cheers to you-Happy November!

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