Odyssey Imports – A Piece of the Mediterranean in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach California is one of the most beautiful places on earth!  On our last visit we happened upon this shop full of treasures of the Mediterranean.

DSC_0120-001 Odyssey imports

Kelli’s Take

Odyssey Imports is a jewel box on the main street (Coast Highway) in Laguna.  The owners David and Valerie have deep connections to the creators of these gorgeous curated products. They travel to the “ports of origin” often.  In most cases they know the artisans personally and are able to tell you the stories behind the products.  From hand painted ceramics to stunning jewelry, everything in the shop caught my eye and inspired me.  I enjoyed talking to David, one half of the treasure hunting duo.  I gleaned so much from his knowledge and passion for the products. His wife, Valerie was in Lebanon searching for more beautiful treasures when I visited the shop. I look forward to meeting her next time I’m in Laguna. This is not your ordinary shop.  There are layers of things to see.  We were in the shop twice during our time in Laguna and each time I discovered something new.

DSC_0129-001 odyssey imports sign and lamps

DSC_0171 (2)-001 Valerie and David


DSC_0181 (2)-001 David

David is a wealth of information and stories about his travels and the people he and Valerie meet on their quest for interesting products.  This couple know what they are talking about.  David was an Entrepeneurship professor from the American University in Beruit and Valerie has a background in archeology in Lebanon.  Each product is brought to the shop for it’s hand crafted beauty, unique style and high quality. If you can’t make it to the shop, they have a wonderful website, an easy way to shop from home.

DSC_0124-001 book


DSC_0161 (2)-001 blue glass

Global style from unique Phoenician blown glass to colorful mosaic lamps,to decorate your home. There are only a few shops I come across that I say “I would like EVERYTHING from this shop” both for myself and special gifts for others.

DSC_0137-001 blue glass

DSC_0130-001 lamps in window

DSC_0169 (2) colored glass globes


DSC_0126-002 odyssey mugs

DSC_0139-001 hand painting

You can watch short videos of the people actually crafting the products.

DSC_0123-002 Tagines

 One of my purchases was the teal colored tagine pictured.  Odyssey gives you great advice on how to prepare the tagine and a few tried and true *recipes to cook in it. I can’t wait to make 

David’s “Artichoke a la Tagine

and also their recipes for chicken with fennel bulb, and Lamb with dates, almonds and pistachios in the tagine which they give you when you purchase this handmade clay cooker.

DSC_0128-001 odyssey plates


DSC_0162 (2)-001 Olive wood honey pot

Luxurious olive wood serving pieces.

DSC_0158 (2)-001 arak

DSC_0146-001 Evil Eye


DSC_0273 necklaces


DSC_0147-001 istanbul earring

I got a pair of these earrings from Istanbul, and get compliments every time I wear them.  Each pair are unique and handcrafted.

DSC_0152 (2)-001 pouches


DSC_0282 well being rings

Pick a ring, any ring.  Aren’t they great!  The price is also great.

DSC_0272 oil lamp


DSC_0135-001 table lamps


DSC_0149-001 headband


DSC_0140-002 gold necklaces

DSC_0154 (2)-001 french soap 2

 Finest quality imported personal care with wonderful botanical ingredients.

DSC_0280 mens products

This is the view from the shop’s front door.  Make it a stop on your day in Laguna Beach.  It’s sure to be a highlight.

DSC_0131-001 view from the window odyssey

DSC_0204 laguna water

Osyssey Imports


572 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651




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