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I love a good art museum.  The Pasadena Museum of California Art was not on my radar.  Last week I was invited to go to see the Corita Kent exhibit and it happened to fall on PMCA’s “Free Friday”.  The first Friday from 12 – 5pm of every month is FREE!  For one, this museum is a hidden gem right in the middle of Pasadena, a place Layers Los Angeles has yet to explore.  Believe me, we will.  So much beauty is this historic place.

PMCA was born in 2002 to showcase the dynamic and varied art which is unique to California featuring both historical and contemporary art.  Even the parking garage is adorned with creative “street art”, as well as artist who incorporate the building into the exhibition.  I especially like this one called “Layer: A Loose Horizon” , could be in the name.

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The current featured exhibit is of the work of Corita Kent.  I didn’t know anything about her before this day.  I am blown away by her story and talent.  Immediately I could see that she was influenced by Andy Warhol.  The depth and progression of her work tell the story of her life as a woman, artist, nun (yes, I said nun) teacher and activist.

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This exhibit is called “Someday Is Now” – The art of Corita Kent.  Corita was born in the midwest (Iowa) and grew up in LA and became a part-time teacher in the art department at USC, while pursuing her MA in art history. This is where she was first introduced to the art of printmaking.

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I love a good art museum gift shop and PMCA has a GREAT one!

DSC_0154 pmca gift shop

Even the restroom sign caught my eye.

DSC_0151 rest room

20150904_155141 You Special

So much of what is good and beautiful is housed in this museum and in the rest of Pasadena.  I’ll be sure to go back to Pasadena soon and take Teri will  with me!

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