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Teri’s Take

Our recent visit to the Hollywood Bowl Museum was perhaps the most refreshing stress free, unbelievable, adventure we have had in some time.  Let me explain.

So, anyone who lives in a big or even moderate sized city knows sometimes going anywhere culturally significant such as a museum, a play, a concert, involves long lines, money, parking issues and crowds. Our day spent meandering the Hollywood Bowl Museum along with the actual Hollywood Bowl itself included NONE of these hindrances  I kept pinching myself to make sure we weren’t in fact wandering into prohibited territory.

Here’s how smoothly it went: We drove into the parking lot of the Hollywood Bowl.  We parked for free right outside the museum.  We walked into the museum, again for free.  There were no crowds, save for a small group of elementary school students who were actually quite adorable and truly enjoying the Beatles exhibit.  This gives me hope for the future!

We took pictures, we spoke to the receptionist at the desk and asked lots of questions (the Bowl seats 18,000).  We had a low key, relaxing stroll through this small, but very entertaining and fun museum.

On a personal note, I was so excited to see a vintage chair I had sold to the museum a few years ago still on display in the Music through the Years exhibit. The exhibit features sights and sounds from the Bowl through the decades meshed with the furnishings and looks of the specific era. Pictures of some of the eras are below. My chair was represented in the 1930’s exhibit!  Shhh it was actually a chair made in the late 80’s by a grandma, but it totally works!

After our stress free run through the museum, we were told we could walk into the Hollywood Bowl. I coudld hardly believe my ears! We actually walked in and hung out at this beautiful iconic venue. We hiked up to the tippy top seats, with views of the Bowl itself, the Hollywood Hills and the Hollywood sign in the distance, it was one of those moments where you just say, “I Love LA”!


I cannot recommend this destination enough   If you have out of town guests, grab a picnic lunch, park (for free!) and walk up the the hill to the Bowl.  Choose from the box seats or the cheap seats, spread out and enjoy. This LA treasure is truly accessible to all of us here, so why not use it?  Can’t wait to go in the spring and summer when the LA Phil rehearses during the day.   Call ahead to make sure the rehearsals are open to the public, then get going!



DSC_0184 hollywood bowl museum




Two students (one representing LA quite nicely), listening to The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl! I think they liked!

20151106_121919 20151106_121901 20151106_121758

This would be me

This would be me

My chair is famous!

My chair is famous!

Typical 70's bedroom is pretty accurate

Typical 70’s bedroom is pretty accurate


Mad Men 60’s style Bachelor Pad


40’s Americana






Kelli’s Take

After meeting my husband on a  college January term visit, we didn’t see each other again for 7 months. We wrote letters that whole time (pre-internet) so upon my return visit to LA, we had a week long date. One of our first dates was to the Hollywood Bowl. ‘Im not even sure who was playing.I thought it was magical then, but not even close to how you can experience the “Bowl” if you know all of the ins and outs. Here’s what I’ve learned and how the cheap seats can be the best.

When we were young, we didn’t know you may bring food and drink, so you better believe I jumped on that benefit. Our first trip back was to hear “Pink Martini“.  I might have gone a little crazy. Let’s just say you probably can go super simple and still have a luxurious time. Gazpacho in mason jars, salad, pressed picnic sandwich ala Martha Stewart, wine and homemade hand pies might have been a bit much. Live and learn. A couple months ago we jumped at catching the B-52’s.  This time a bottle of wine, cheese, baguette up by ourselves in the upper left side was perfect. Plenty of room to dance next to the nicest couple who had the same idea. If you don’t want to bring your own food and drink.There is food for purchase and even picnics that may be pre-ordered. As a matter of fact I just read an LA Magazine article saying that Suzanne Goin and Carolyn Styne of the Lucques Group will be partnering with the LA Philharmonic to bring their food and flair to the Hollywood Bowl. They make some of the best food in LA. What a delicious addition to the Bowl experience.

Night time photos don’t work so well, so when Teri suggested we take a trip to the bowl during the day I loved the idea. The on-site Hollywood Bowl museum unpeeled more incredible layers of LA and the history of this iconic venue. We walked to the tippy top of the amphitheater and even thought about a “selfie” on stage until we saw the sign saying that was a no go.

Everyone who’s anyone has played the bowl. Go to the museum and see for yourself. If the Beatles weren’t enough. The LA Philharmonic calls the Hollywood Bowl home during the summer months. I’m looking forward to catching rehearsals (free) during next year’s season. Yet another wonderful treat in this fabulous city.

DSC_0175 LA phil

20151106_122306 symphonic music

DSC_0148 tippy top

DSC_0156 B 52s

DSC_0164 benches

DSC_0171 statue and cross

DSC_0178 fountain

DSC_0150 close up bowl

DSC_0142 bowl mid section

DSC_0144 bowl with sign

DSC_0152 box seats

DSC_0160 bowl stats

DSC_0136 Picnics at the bowl

DSC_0129 beatles at the bowl square

20151106_121833 Beatles at the Bowl

20151106_122021 album cover

20151106_122411 History

20151106_120608 Frank

20151106_122243 Ella

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