Latest Adventure-To the Biggest IKEA in the WORLD!!

Teri’s Take


After a two year eight month hiatus and taking an extended beach break, I am back home!  Why, would one leave the confines of a sleepy little beach town to come back to the grind of Los Angeles?  Because, as I said….it’s HOME.

Plus a whole bunch of other stuff that I won’t bore you with.  All I know is that in the short time I was away, I missed it, but didn’t realize how much, until I was back in the thick of things.

I missed being able to let my blender with metal parts dry naturally and not rust.  In fact, I miss how nothing really ever rusts here in the San Fernando Valley!   

I missed the really good food.  Granted Ventura County is home to some great Mexican food, seafood,  and a few really good breakfast places, there is really no comparison.  

My little burg called Burbank is bustling with new business!  It’s become, dare I say  “hip”?  Kinda?  It will always have it’s blue collar working class roots and great mix of behind the line studio workers and regular people.

It’s a great place to live work and be.

And then it holds the record for something else.  It is home to the world’s largest IKEA!  When I lived in Calabasas, the city would often brag that the open air mall called the Commons of Calabasas was home to the Biggest Rolex Watch!  Big whoop!  Who wouldn’t rather have the world’s largest IKEA, besides a Kardashian of course!

But I digress.

Kelli and I decided to takke our first comeback adventure and travel to the newly opened IKEA.  We hardly did any shopping, because we barely got out of the enormous open styled, IKEA decorated cafeteria!  With floor to ceiling windows facing the 5 Freeway and the Hollywood Hills, it’s hybrid LA/Swedish mix if there ever was one!

 There is so much more here than the standard gorgeous displays and indisputable practical IKEA furnishing and household items.  There is a market, where you can get your own darn Swedish meatballs to enjoy at anytime.  There are novelty candies and cookies found only in Sweden, and there are frozen entrees, desserts and side dishes…just to name a few.  

The prices are cheap!  If you’re a Ikea family member, you get free coffee or tea!  Anytime.

Last of course is the play area so you can drop the kids off, windowshop, and have a great dinner.  DATE night!  We refrained from photographing the play area, because taking pictures of kids is just….well creepy.  Bur check out the Ikea website for more info and then go!

Organic Lingon Berries…for meatballs or pancakes, toast you name it.

$1 Ice Cream Cone, can’t beat it.

+ Sustainable and It’s only $4.99! Swedes love their coffee.

So many uses for that Raskog cart!

Just follow the arrows…




New (to me) Veggie Balls.



Kelli’s Take

Teri’s back in town! This makes me so happy. Now let the LA adventures begin. I know what you’re thinking IKEA for your first adventure after break? Huh? The big blue box stands as a beacon on the 5 freeway. It is truly an LA destination and my Minnesotan Scandinavian roots make me feel quite at home here. We had a blast exploring the new space. We even sat in one of the design spaces and did some people watching and gabbing (thus the picture of the nun)…we have a lot to catch up on! Here are my

Top Ten Favorite Things at IKEA:

  • 79 cent dish towels
  • 99 cent breakfast
  • Raskog cart $24.99
  • The couch in my sunroom (meet Soochie our cat)
  • 99 cent good chocolate
  • Wooden hangers (a makeover for your closet)
  • Tealights (100 for $3.99)
  • Our red dining room chairs
  • FREE coffee (with IKEA family card)
  • Meatballs – cheap date night (Comfort food for my Swedish side)

Yes, Heavy on the cream in my coffee.


Ikea sectional couch and pillows.




Famous Swedish Meatballs for $5.99 (love the lingon berries) Here’s Time Out’s review of some of the other menu items at the Burbank IKEA 

Wait! One more.

#11 Husband’s Pick – The “As Is” Room (Bargains)

We always find something we can’t live without in the “As Is” clearance room.







2 thoughts on “Latest Adventure-To the Biggest IKEA in the WORLD!!

  1. Sue Gregson

    Love Ikea but even our local one is such a long walk round. A couple of seats here and there wouldn’t come amiss for.older folks. Did you know the.costume designers.from game of thones used Ikea sheepsin rugs for those long cloaks with massive fur collars!

    1. terio Post author

      Sue, I agree about the waking. There is actually a walking group that meets at IKEA here in Burbank and does laps around the store. It’s like a track, that’s how big it is!!

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