The Illiad – North Hollywood

Teri’s Take

How many people can say that they live down the street from the most magical, fabulous little bookstore in town? Not many, especially in the greater LA area, where we usually have to drive to such places. I happen to be lucky as I live a hop, skip and a bike ride down the Chandler Bike Path to the Iliad Bookshop in North Hollywood.

After driving by numerous times over the years, I finally decided to actually turn in the parking lot and go in.

I was greeted by the smell of books, two roaming cats and rows of beautiful books. It truly is a treasure. I have since been back so many times as I can’t stay away! I like browsing the aisles and opening the pages, something I just don’t think a lot of us do as much in the age of the tablet. I recently read a study that turning pages of a book can help improve your chances of staving off dementia in old age. Not swiping a screen, but actually touching paper. I believe it!

The store also has free books on the front step at the corner of Chandler and Cahuenga and they accept donations of books. It’s a really wonderful community feeling in the age of Amazon. I can’t recommend it enough. Come see it, say hello to the kitties and immerse yourself in the written word.





Kelli’s Take

I’ve driven by the Illiad so many times without taking the time to stop. Now that we are back in adventure mode it was time to put the mystery to rest and step inside. I LOVE getting lost in book stores especially this one packed with great titles and charm. It is very hard to leave without finding a treasure especially since the prices are so wonderfully reasonable…to say nothing of the boxes of FREE books on the front step and the bargain table just inside the door.

Funky, eclectic my favorite vibe, all of this with comfortable chairs, roaming cats, fun (super clean) bathroom and knowledgeable staff. Oh wait, I forgot the best part (for me)…LOTS of cookbooks. Illiad is unique, my favorite find that shows off a layer of LA that makes a city feel like home.

Cat helpers. “Live” cat videos.

You can get lost in the rows of books, floor to ceiling. Don’t you love the sliding ladders.


Found one of my FAVORITE cookbooks from Melissa’s Produce. Healthy food based on the 50 Best Plants on the Planet.

Picking out a good read.

Found my friend’s Zoe and Jeff’s (from Minneapolis) Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book!!



Love the colorful bathroom…shared with the cats.

Cute couple enjoying the inviting comfortable chairs.

Boxes of FREE books on the front steps.

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