Layers Los Angeles explores and documents the many hidden facets of this sprawling metropolis.  Teri is a native, Kelli is a mid-western transplant, both have a deep and abiding affection for the city

Los Angeles is like a beautiful woman.  A really insane beautiful woman that you just cannot stop staring at.  Yes, she’s as nuts as an inbred poodle, but she takes your breath away everytime you stop long enough to look at her.  She’s perfect weather in November, beautiful sandy beaches, open sprawling vistas and landscapes.  She’s abundance and colorful bougainvillea climbing around the urban landscape.  She’s fruit and vegetables so bright and beautiful they’re as amazing as the art hanging on the walls of the numerous museums.  She’s empty streets downtown and traffic jams in the suburbs.   Yes, you have to sit in your car for hours on end just to travel five miles.  Yes, there’s a lot of people with fish lips, and faces pulled too tight…but that’s the beauty of it all!!  The melting pot, the Spanglish, the clean pristine streets of Brentwood,  the gritty streets of Sun Valley filled with 98 cent stores and strip clubs.

Look below the surface of the beauty of LA and there’s a lot of depth there.  Not at first, but keep looking..it’s there.  There are many layers of Los Angeles.

And if all else fails….find a Mexican food truck and know you’re in the best city on the planet, so just kick back and enjoy her with us at Layers of Los Angeles.

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